alter ego

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al·ter ego

Another side of oneself; a second self.
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In a nod to her alter-ego's alien birth, Gaga sat in a giant egg which was suspended from the ceiling before taking to the stage to perform a high-octane dance with her 'little monster' entourage.
A lot has happened since: Batman has suffered two (by my count) broken backs, his alter-ego is accused of murder, Gotham City is annulled from the United States, and there is a hot romance with Catwoman (they kiss, which is about as explicit as Batman's relationships with women get).
A misspent youth of booze and shoplifting helped Michael develop the refined self-loathing from which Johnny emerges, his alter-ego frequently wresting control of the narration via an irksome trick of fonts.
However, Diane thinks she was destined to play the role as both she and her alter-ego were born in Germany and lived in France.
After being developed into a fully-fledged virtual alter-ego, or 'avatar', Jimmy will be able to interact with other virtual audience members, just like he would in a real gig.
At night, Jaime puts her fantasy into words, journaling about Isabella--"IS," her alter-ego super-hero, who, with a flick of her hand, fights the villainesses from the Evil Clique of Populors one by one.
In The Enunciation, 1992, Duchamp contemplates his alter-ego Rrose Selavy in the window of a passing train; Picasso and Braque, 1992, features the title characters, who modestly refer to each other as Orville and Wilbur Wright, trying to launch an airplane modeled after an early Picasso collage.
O'Carroll's alter-ego - potty-mouthed Dublin mammy Agnes Brown - became an internet sensation after a clip of the stage show filmed at the Empire attracted almost 3m hits.
The MTV promo featuring her rapping plays on her whiter-than-white image with a hard-nosed alter-ego appearing on the other side of a mirror and telling Gomez she's the obvious choice for the coveted host's spot.
Washington, Sept 6 (ANI): Taylor Lautner has revealed that he would be crushed if any girl in real life rejected him in a similar way his 'Twilight' alter-ego, Jacob Black, was.
HE'S OUR MAN: Keith Carter as alter-ego Nige Phil Redmond is seen as a serious contender - many credit him with riding to the rescue of our Capital of Culture year.