alter ego

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al·ter ego

Another side of oneself; a second self.
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Hopkins was quick to note that while the use of an alter-ego is employed, he generally prefers to use content that is related to the client and what the client wants to promote.
Citing the Association's conviction that Freedom Air significantly threatens not only the pilots of Mesa Airlines, but also the entire piloting profession, ALPA pledged to use all appropriate means, including financial, legal, communications, and other resources, to prevent Mesa Air Group from establishing Freedom Air as an alter-ego carrier.
3 -- 4) Cameron Crowe, right, is represented in ``Almost Famous'' by his alter-ego, fledgling rock reporter William Miller, played by both Michael Angarano, left, as a young boy, and Patrick Fugit, center, as a teen.
Roberts, whom SBI-USA, LLC alleges to be the alter-ego of Infinium Labs Inc.
His other alter-ego was Flann O'Brien, the pseudonym under which he wrote his novels - the first of which, At Swim Two Birds, was published in 1939.
As for Barberie's chances, Hartman said it was too early in the process to handicap anyone, adding that the sometimes-wacky weather girl, whose alter-ego is the zany Goat Girl, was one of the first people to try out with Reege back on June 15, ``and there haven't been that many people who've been in the chair.
Recognized as Ally McBeal's television alter-ego, Shepard wrote the series theme song, provides additional songs for weekly episodes, and frequently appears on camera singing.
Snoopy's Joe Cool Summer" is a park-wide celebration of shows and entertainment saluting Snoopy's sunglasses-wearing alter-ego.
Not only did he claim Jager was a ringer for Les Dawson (above right), but he drew our attention to her alter-ego, Bella Emberg (below).
Visionary, inventor and author Raymond Kurzweil will present his female alter-ego, Ramona, to rock the New York Music and Internet Expo (NYMIE) in his presentation at 11 a.
Last year, Thorsen even donned the traditional red and white garb, and took on the role of his alter-ego at the Agoura-based charity event.
Inspired by the top-rated animated series appearing on ABC, Nickelodeon, and UPN, Disney's Doug: Doug's Big Game immerses the player in the whimsical world of Doug and his alter-ego Quailman in an action-packed, full-speed-ahead adventure to rescue Patti Mayonaise.