Carl-Henry, Swedish geneticist, 1907-1993. See: Alström syndrome.
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Alstrom Syndrome is a disease where the Alstrom gene - named after the Swedish scientist who discovered the syndrome - is damaged.
THE takeover of a Berwickshire firm has been completed by the Finnish paper group Alstrom, amid forecasts of a bright future for workers.
Alstrom T, Grasbeck R, Lindblad B, Solberg HE, Winkel P, Vunikka L.
French utility EDF is the designated designer for the plant, which already has an established supply chain that includes AREVA NP as the contacted supplier of nuclear steam supply system, instrumentation and control, Alstrom France for turbine supply and Alstom UK for services during operations.
Like HP Sauce, Alstrom, LDV, Rover/MG, and possibly in the near future Cadbury, to name but a few, Kemble had been taken over by a multinational company, Yamaha in Japan.
Significantly the Midlands is still losing large numbers of traditional manufacturing jobs and, with the likely demise of Goodyear and Alstrom in Birmingham on the horizon, it serves to emphasise that no organisation is immune from pressures.
org 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 ALPHA-GALACTOSIDASE DEFICIENCY See: Fabry Disease ALPORT SYNDROME See: Hearing Impairments; Kidney Diseases, Hereditary; Vision Impairments ALSTROM SYNDROME See: Diabetes Mellitus; Hearing Impairments; Kidney Disorders; Retinitis Pigmentosa; Visual Impairments ALTERNATING HEMIPLEGIA See: Hemiplegia, Alternating AMELOCEREBROHYPHOHIDRO TIC SYNDROME See: Ectodermal Dysplasias AMELOONYCHOHY-PHOHIDROTIC DYSPLASIA See: Ectodermal Dysplasias AMNIOTIC BANDS See: Craniofacial Disorders AMPUTATION See also: Limb Disorders American Amputee Foundation PO Box 250218 Little Rock, AR 72225 (501) 666-2523 (501) 666-8367 (fax) 1,2,4,5,9 Amputee Coalition of America 900 E.
UEFA spokesman Fritz Alstrom refuses to lower the guillotine on the Yugoslavs just yet.
Fifteen five-to-12-year-olds from across the country, suffering from Alstrom Syndrome, will be meeting at the leading Black Country tourist attraction on Sunday for a fun-filled day.
In the case of Alstrom the train maker and the new contracts issued by the Spanish government insists that the train is manufactured in Spain.