Alsever, John Bellows

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John Bellows, U.S. hematologist, 1908–.
Alsever solution - solution used to preserve red blood cells.
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Hemolymph samples were drawn from the pericardial sinus using a 25-gauge needle and a 1-ml syringe containing an equal volume of modified Alsever solution (27 mM sodium citrate, 336 mM NaCl, 115 mM glucose, 9 mM ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, and pH 7.0) used as anticoagulant.
The collected blood was mixed with equal volume of Alsever solution (dextrose 2%, sodium citrate 0.8%, citric acid 0.05%, sodium chloride 0.42%, and distilled water 100 mL) and centrifuged with isosaline.
To study the phagocytosis of these bacteria by scallop hemocytes, hemolymph from 20 scallops was extracted 1:3 in modified antiaggregant Alsever solution (MAS) (20.8 g/liter glucose; 8 g/liter Na citrate; 3.36 g/liter EDTA; 22.5 g/liter NaCl in distilled water) and pooled.