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Arthur Cecil, South African physician, 1880-1959. See: Alport syndrome.
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"Bone marrow transplant and blood transfusion protocols have already been approved for previous clinical use in patients with end-stage kidney disease and Alport syndrome," said Kalluri.
Screening of the COL4A3 gene and finding a novel causative gene for TBMN will help clarify the pathogenesis of this disorder and perhaps for distinguishing TBMN from Alport syndrome.
Alport syndrome and thin glomerular basement membrane nephropathy (TBMN) are genetically heterogenous conditions characterized by structural abnormalities in the glomerular basement membrane (GBM).
Reversal of deafness after renal transplantation in Alport's syndrome.
The films feature the two children, who have Alport Syndrome, a rare genetic condition.
Alport, TRP member, and Patty, Sullivan-Snyder, both of Blackman Kallick Bartelstein, LLP, Chicago, IL, for their work on this item.
Some of the troubles in Africa today are the result of Communist influence, but we should not try to identify individuals there with Communism, Mr C J M Alport, MP, said at a conference on 'The Empire' in Birmingham.
(Research Triangle Park, NC), a worldwide leader in drug development based on basal lamina research, has signed an agreement granting Genzyme Corporation (Cambridge, MA) an option to obtain a worldwide license under BioStratum's patent rights pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of Alport syndrome.
"Our goal is to alleviate some of the fear and anxieties" men face when their partner has breast cancer surgery, said Kay Alport, breast cancer survivor and president of Bosom Buddies, a not-for-profit corporation in Chicago.
? Whitchurch Alport eased to a 4-1 win at Padiham Town, a Joe Cuff hat-trick and a goal from Steve Jones earning them a fourth consecutive win of the season.
Hallmark Security League Premier Division: Burscough v Congleton Town, Charnock Richard v Bootle, Runcorn Town v Litherland REMYCA, Whitchurch Alport v City of Liverpool.