Bertillon, Alphonse

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Alphonse, chief of criminal investigation for Paris police, 1853-1914.
Bertillon system - identification system. Synonym(s): anthropometry
Bertillon cephalometer
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Alphonse Bertillon: Father of Scientific Detection.
This form of identification was then superseded by the anthropometric system elaborated in Paris by Alphonse Bertillon. This entailed photographing a subject twice, first looking directly at a camera, and then in profile with the camera centred upon the right ear.
Alphonse Bertillon, son of one of anthropology's founders.
Within his office at Calcutta, Henry grew increasingly disquieted over the existing system of identifying criminals, a method devised by Alphonse Bertillon, Prefect of Police in Paris, in the 1880s and adopted by many police forces around the world.
Records show that on 20 November 1885 Alphonse Bertillon, head of the Service D'Identitie Judiciaire of the Paris police gave an address to the first congress about his system of judicial anthropometry.