adrenergic receptor

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Adrenergic Receptor

Any of a family of G protein-coupled cell membrane receptors which receive neuronal impulses from postganglionic adrenergic fibres of the sympathetic nervous system, which are divided into:
(1) Alpha receptors, which evoke an excitatory response of smooth muscle cells to catecholamines. Alpha receptors are divided into alpha1 (Gq) and alpha2 (Gi) coupled receptors.
Selective agonist, alpha receptor Phenylephrine
Alpha receptor effects Vasoconstriction, reduced GI tract motility.
(2) Beta receptors, which dampen the response to catecholamines. Beta receptors are divided into beta1, beta2, beta3, which are linked to Gs, and adenylate cyclase, increasing cAMP, which in turn drives cAMP-dependent protein kinase that mediates intracellular events.
Selective agonist, beta receptor Isoprenaline
Beta receptor effects Increased cardiac output, increased renin secretion from juxtaglomerular cells, increased gastric ghrelin secretion, smooth muscle relaxation resulting in bronchodilation, reduced GI motility, relaxation of detrusor muscle of the bladder, lipolysis, glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis, increased renin secretion, insulin secretion, vasodilation, anabolism and thermogenesis of skeletal muscle.
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adrenergic receptor

Neurophysiology Any of a family of cell membrane receptors that receive neuronal impulses from postganglionic adrenergic fibers from the sympathetic nervous sytem, which are divided into α receptors, which results in an excitatory response of smooth muscle cells to catecholamines, and β receptors, which result in an inhibitory response to catecholamines; the GI tract is an exception, in that either α or β receptor stimulation results in relaxation
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Adrenergic receptor

There are three families of adrenergic receptors, alpha1, alpha2 and beta, and each family contains three distinct subtypes. Each of the nine subtypes are coded by separate genes, and display specific drug specificities and regulatory properties.
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Nonselective alpha adrenergic receptor agonists such as noradrenaline can reduce the production of MCP-1 in ratcultured astrocytes in the presence of an inflammatory stimulus [39], such as LPS.
(1,2) Alpha adrenergic receptor like [alpha]1A and [alpha]1D have been documented to be distributed the in the lower urinary tract and the distal ureter and the use of alpha adrenergic receptor blockers like Tamsulosin have shown considerable promise in treating the stent related symptoms.
In addition to this newly issued patent Synaptic has 16 applications pending on its alpha adrenergic receptor and benign prostatic hyperplasia technology.
In March 2000, Synaptic began making non-exclusive licenses available to companies in need of Synaptic's portfolio of intellectual property on the alpha adrenergic receptors for drug discovery.
(6,7) The expectant approach by using alpha adrenergic receptor antagonist for management of distal ureteric stones used as adjuvant medical expulsive therapy (MET), and be able to reduce symptoms and facilitate stone expulsion due to the presence of alpha and beta adrenergic receptors (AR) in the human ureter.
Exclusion criteria included the patients on alpha adrenergic receptor blockers, local sepsis at the site of proposed puncture, patient with known hypersensitivity to study drug, patients being treated with anticoagulants, CNS active drugs, patients suffering from bleeding diathesis or coagulation disorders, spinal deformity or tuberculosis spine, increased intracranial pressure, patients with some psychiatric history, patients with neurological disease with motor and sensory deficit.
Mullinix continued to comment that, "Being awarded a patent to the screening claims for the alpha adrenergic 1D receptor is yet another addition to our patent estate related to the alpha adrenergic receptor family and its use in drug discovery.
The original method of RAS is yet to be completely explained, nevertheless it is said that activation of alpha adrenergic receptors present in the smooth muscles are involved in the process.6 These alpha adrenoreceptors are present abundantly in the radial arteries.
The blockage of alpha adrenergic receptors is thought to be related to priapism.
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Alpha adrenergic receptors are G Protein-Coupled Receptors that are activated by the neurotransmitter norepinephrine (noradrenaline).