Alpha Male

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A term which refers to the male in charge of the other males in a social group; the AM position may be fought for through social interactions, group contests, or fighting
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The only example I can think of is self-styled Alpha Male Victor, out of Big Brother ( or The Slick as he claims he is known by his pals.
"To the women who support each other and will go full out Nancy Drew to expose the lies and manipulation that too many men are used to getting away with - if being called an 'alpha male' is the worst insult you've heard, you're in really good shape."
Taking, as always, its cue from the alpha male, the bloodthirsty pack, filled with canine devotion, always turn their thumbs' down.
Alpha Male is available online through the author's website, from the publisher,, and other online retailers.
Perry's latest findings explore the social dynamics of capuchins, who form cooperative groups with an alpha male, several subordinate males and many females.
Once scriptwriters Mark Protosevich and Akiva Goldsman move away from a study of their protagonist's psychological scars and focus on the battle between Robert and Alpha Male, I Am Legend becomes a second rate Resident Evil clone.
The bio, however, does not mention that he was involved with Alpha Male Entertainment.
This week's alpha male prize has to go to Jason Statham, who I clocked at the BRITs doing sterling work keeping blokes away from his missus.
A new e-book teaches the principles and techniques of how to become an Alpha Male to any man.
Washington, July 5 ( ANI ): Alpha male geladas who allowed subordinate competitors into their group had a longer tenure as leader, resulting in an average of three more offspring each during their lifetimes.
The yearly head count includes creatures from the tiniest stick insects to an alpha male giraffe - and all sorts in between.
There's none of the alpha male clashing he used to have with Piers Morgan.