Alpha Male

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A term which refers to the male in charge of the other males in a social group; the AM position may be fought for through social interactions, group contests, or fighting
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Without nursing infants to care for, the females in the overthrown group quickly return to a fertile state and eventually come around to mate with the new alpha male.
Once scriptwriters Mark Protosevich and Akiva Goldsman move away from a study of their protagonist's psychological scars and focus on the battle between Robert and Alpha Male, I Am Legend becomes a second rate Resident Evil clone.
He said: "If my body is alpha male, then I have a finger-sized kinkiness which is Roxanne.
Washington, July 5 ( ANI ): Alpha male geladas who allowed subordinate competitors into their group had a longer tenure as leader, resulting in an average of three more offspring each during their lifetimes.
The yearly head count includes creatures from the tiniest stick insects to an alpha male giraffe - and all sorts in between.
Without a word, alpha male sent out for a fan heater and placed it behind me, enveloping me with warm air.
The researchers explain the dilution of DNA links among males in part by noting that various males, rather than just an alpha male, in each group produced offspring and outsiders occasionally mated with females.
he's not so much an alpha male as a thinking man with a heart.
As one sympathetic observer joked, "What's the point of being the ultimate Alpha Male if you can't spread your seed around?
This week's alpha male prize has to go to Jason Statham, who I clocked at the BRITs doing sterling work keeping blokes away from his missus.
He says: "If my body is alpha male, then I have a finger-sized kinkiness which is Roxanne.
Baldwin is irresistible as the bullish alpha male determined to turn back time, while Martin delivers a tender and funny performance that leaves a lump in the throat.