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Alph raced away after the last flight to win an event taken by the likes of Rooster Booster in the past by a length and a half.
En 1970 se formo la primera ALPH del valle de Autlan en la poblacion de El Grullo, principalmente con ejidatarios, pero tambien con propietarios privados.
Bousset argued that *OSC was in turn derived from Alph.
The place names--Xanadu, Alph, Abyssinia, Mount Abora--are associated with several places in the ancient world.
This issue includes discussions with two of the early pioneers of open innovation--Gil Cloyd of Procter & Gamble and Alph Bingham of Eli Lilly and innoCentive.
He'd just scribbled down the first few lines of Kubla Khan, all pleased with himself for getting in the bits about the pleasure dome and Alph, when he was detained for an hour by the Person from Porlock and subsequently discovered that his mental well was dry, that the whole poem had vanished from his consciousness.
Artists: The Hoosiers Venue: Winter Gardens, Sheffield Review by: Andy Hirst HI I'm Alph, hi I'm Irwin, hi, I'm Martin - and so The Hoosiers introduce themselves when I caught up with them after a gig in Yorkshire.
This is a well-established race, so we can start the number crunching by getting agist - no winner over the past 10 years has been aged over seven, so Alph can go, as can Chivalry, Cloone River, Amour Multiple and Turtle Soup.
1 alph (`alph an alphabet) or atom 2 Athens 3 Triassic Period 4 high brow (or superbs, or superior b-ings), above the ruck 5 consequence (or liporebus, "about") 6 "See the eyes.
And we are thrilled Alph Bingham, an internationally recognized visionary in corporate innovation, will lead our prediction markets program.
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