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alkaline phosphatase.

alkaline phosphatase test (ALP)

a blood test used to determine a variety of liver and bone disorders such as extrahepatic and intrahepatic obstructive biliary disease, cirrhosis, hepatic tumors, hepatotoxic drugs, hepatitis, osteoblastic metastatic tumors, Paget's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and hyperparathyroidism.

ambulance loading post

A point in the forward combat area where sick and wounded personnel are loaded into ambulances for transportation to a clearing station or a hospital.


alkaline phosphatase.
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About Alpes Alpes is a fully independent Brazilian discount brokerage house headquartered in Sao Paulo.
Through the years, the company has grown its action in the retail segment and on September 2006, WinTrade was established as the Alpes retail arm, and it now has over 42.
For three consecutive years, Alpes has been among the 100 firms most connected, according to a survey done by one of the main financial magazines of the country, Info Exame.
According to Lee, a key differentiator of the Apama platform is its ability to provide Alpes customers with flexible and easy-to-use development tools, which helps them accelerate the creation of strategies specific to the types of conditions that those customers demand.
Alpes uses Apama technology to automate its operations thus positioning the company globally as a leading broker in the Brazilian market.
20, shares of Telemais are extremely undervalued," said Sideval Aroni, director of research at Alpes.
For additional information and to receive a copy of the research report, please contact Charles Frewen at Alpes Corretora at +55-11-314-70-700 or Dara Podber, U.
and kitchen equipment of the alpes isre hospital center and supply of equipment.
Maintenance and development of the cold storage facilities and kitchen equipment of the alpes isre hospital center and supply of equipment.
Industrial property attorney services for the management of inventory patents (Groupement de commande Grenoble Alpes - Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble).