Aloe ferox

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Aloe ferox,

n See aloe.
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La forma mas comoda de beneficiarse de las propiedades del Aloe Ferox es consumirlo en comprimidos con extractos estandarizados que conservan sus cualidades.
Main aloe products include aloe varietal juices - a line composed of aloe vera juice, aloe ferox juice, aloe arborescens juice, aloe chinensis juice and aloe saponaria juice-, aloe marmalades, aloe compote, and aloe formulations and aloe blends for new industrial applications, from animal nutrition to waste water treatment products.
Some are: Sceletium Tortuosum, Aloe Ferox, Hartogiella
25 or Inkomfe with African potato, aloe ferox and roobios in a glycerine base, pounds 5.
South African firm the Cape Town Aloe Company was showing a range of drinks, jams, marmalades and pickles all made with wild aloe ferox plants.