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almond oil
used topically as an emollient.
almond shells
causes abomasal impaction in stall-fed cattle where the shells are added to the ration as a roughage supplement.

Patient discussion about almond

Q. how many 1. calories 2. good vs bad fat 3. protein does 1 cup of whole milk have compared to 1 cup of almonds?

A. Each almond has 7 calories. A cup of almonds has 680 calories, Total Fat: 60g, out of which 3.9g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 24g, Protein: 24g.
1 cup of 2% milk has 130 calories, Total Fat: 5g, out of which 3g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 13g, Protein: 8g.
Here is the nutrition value of different kinds of milk as well:

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I thought it was the funniest thing I ever heard of," says Dunham, who underwent the first of more than a half dozen voudun initiations in the nineteen-thirties, lying on her side for three days, her head wrapped in chicken feathers, almond syrup, and fruit.
Try cappuccino with almond syrup at the Blue Parrot bar.
Victorian Lemonade at The Victoria Ingredients: Gin, lemon juice, almond syrup, angostura bitters, absinthe.