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9) In addition, previous reports have indicated that immunological problems involving autoimmunity, (10,11) alloimmunity (12) and embryotoxic factors (13) are associated with EPL.
This article, based in part on an invited talk at the Annual International Conference of Saudi Society of Nephrology & Transplantation in 2012, reviews current notions of the emerging field of innate alloimmunity by highlighting novel thoughts regarding future immunosuppressive therapy in organ transplantation.
The manuscript entitled "Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-C Promotes Alloimmunity by Amplifying Antigen Presenting Cell Maturation and Lymphangiogenesis" IOVS Papers in Press, published as manuscript iovs.
Another experimental approach examines the role of alloimmunity in HIV.
When a bleeding patient has developed alloimmunity to available pRBCs, the clinician may employ a variety of strategies to mitigate ischemic damage.
In Rhesus alloimmunity the mother develops antibodies that attack and destroy the red blood cells of her unborn baby.
These scientists call for vaccine developers to look into immunizations based on a phenomenon called alloimmunity.
The research of my colleagues and myself will approach the problem of autoimmunity and alloimmunity from many angles.