Allocation System

A system for distributing a limited resource—e.g., kidneys for transplantation—in the most equitable fashion possible
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According to ETtoday, the plans call for a small change in the pension allocation system.
A resource allocation system (ras) solution is being procured to ensure that the council meets its statutory duties to vulnerable adults across the oldham borough.
The law relies on a majoritarian seat allocation system, meaning the candidate with the most votes wins the seat.
Sycamore Investment Services has launched CBAAS (cross border asset allocation system), a new global asset allocation system, the company said.
Sawiris suggested going back to the land allocation system that prevents investors from freezing their lands until they can sell it at a higher price.
The report contains new recommendations, relative to earlier reports in the series, that the NPS should take action to improve the availability of information provided by other agencies to ensure as much of the Case Allocation System can be completed prior to allocation of the case.
I think it's a less efficient capital allocation system.
In June 2013, after many years of evaluation to update and improve the system, the OPTN Board of Directors approved a policy to revise the allocation system to "maintain access to kidney transplantation for all groups of candidates while seeking to improve outcomes for kidney transplant recipients, increase the years recipients may have a functioning transplant, and increase utilization of available kidneys" (OPTN, 2013, para 1).
The balance in the FA's allocation system is not right.
This brief explains the need for a student-based allocation system in the context of school choice, and provides an overview of the key features that enable student choice across schools within districts.
and intrastate provider Atmos, to mention a few of its opponents, in an effort to convince FERC to let it go to a daily allocation system.
In September 2008, Minister of the Environment Rob Renner announced a re-examination of Alberta's water allocation system.

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