Allis forceps

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Al·lis for·ceps

a straight grasping forceps with serrated jaws, used to forcibly grasp or retract tissues or structures.
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Al·lis for·ceps

(ăl'is fōr'seps)
A ring-handled tissue forceps with fine teeth on the tips. Also called Allis clamp.
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Oscar Huntington, U.S. surgeon, 1836-1921.
Allis forceps - a straight grasping forceps.
Allis hemostat
Allis intestinal forceps
Allis Micro-Line pediatric forceps
Allis sign - in fracture of the neck of the femur, the trochanter rides up, relaxing the fascia lata, so that the finger can be sunk deeply between the great trochanter and the iliac crest.
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Of the 38 successful ERCP cases, 16 cases were assisted with the Allis forceps passed through the 2nd lumen to hold the papilla to facilitate selective cannulation.
In the present study, 16 out of 38 successful selective cannulation cases were achieved with an Allis forceps placed through the 2nd lumen to hold the papilla.