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Oscar Huntington, U.S. surgeon, 1836-1921. See: Allis forceps.
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Also during NPHW, the West Allis Health Department hosted a drawing for a family activity basket, which was filled with items such as balls, jump rope, a water bottle, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a Frisbee and much more.
Chapters Four and Five turn to the most notable British composer of this era, Sir Edward Elgar, and several instances of Elgar's unidentified quasi-programmatic music (his Enigma Variations are a famous instance of this), for which Allis supplies possible literary sources.
Allis counteracts allegations of the non-specificity of Bantock's musical portrayal in Rine with a "closer reading of the music that an awareness of Browning's poem might generate" (p.
The viewer comes to realize that Allis was exceptionally savvy, and even a bit sneaky, keeping her sound recording devices running during household squabbles.
Further deciphering this histone code and developing ways to manipulate it could have major medical payoffs, say both Berger and Allis.
Allis stunned TV viewers by making clearly audible "tom-tom-tom" noises when the American Red Indian hooked a drive into the rough at Loch Lomond last week.
Allis says that Japanese nationals, who face high withholding taxes at home, get a bonus in this country because that withholding drops.
The +28mm oversize material then passes via a bunker to an Allis Mineral Systems S-4000C Superior secondary gyratory crusher fitted with a 16mm throw eccentric operating on a 127mm open-side setting.
Of the companies that make up Allis Mineral Systems most have scores of years of experience in the field, including such famous names as Allis Chalmers, Sala, Svedala Arbra, and Stephens-Adamson.
Allis made a self-propelled combine (the SP100) starting in 1953.
Personnel from the City of West Allis and Project Facilitator will be at the propertiesduring the inspections, and will be available to answer questions at that time may be directed to the Project Facilitator (Mr.
Matters looked ominous for the home side when they managed to lead by only five points, 0-11 to 0-6, at half time and whatever was said during the break had the desirable affect on a Conor Allis inspired Limerick.