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crocodilian reptile of the family Alligatoridae, very similar to alligators; resident in Central and South America. Genus name is Caiman, e.g. C. sclerops the spectacled caiman.

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Indeed, there are no characters in this specimen unambiguously placing it within the crown-group Alligatoridae.
TABLE 2 Ethno-species mentioned by interviewed at open-air marked in Abaetetuba, Para, Brazil Taxa Ethno-species Consume Buy Fce RE (%) Fce RE (%) REPTILES Iguana iguana chameleon 14 15 02 02 Tupinambis goldteju 24 25 (a) 03 03 teguixin Alligatoridae cayman 75 78 (a) 85 79 (a) Geochelone sp.
Carolina Trachysemys scripta Iguanidae Iguana iguana Alligatoridae Calman sclerops sclerops MAMIFEROS Cervidae Mazama sp.