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(al-i-gā'shŭn), Do not confuse this word with allegation.
A rule of mixtures whereby 1) the cost of a mixture may be determined, given the proportions and prices of the several ingredients; or 2) in pharmacy, the relative amounts of solutions of different percentages which must be taken to form a mixture of a given strength.
[L. alligatio, fr. al-ligo (adl-), pp. -atus, to bind to]
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Some deeply sublimated form of mental or spiritual alligation would seem indispensable to accommodating these unstable ethical mixtures.
Investigating alligations of pointshaving in NCAA basketball using actual Sportsbook betting percentages.
"There is a relative improvement in the field of human rights and other aspects need a long time to be addressed", she said, pointing to a republican resolution issued last year on forming a committee to invesigate alligations of human rights violations, and Yemeni government's decision to form an independent organization for human rights in accordance with the Paris Principles.
Local reports said that the blast killed two Americans; however, US embassy refuted the alligations saying that no American was killed or wounded in the explosion.