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1. the prevention or reduction of immediate hypersensitivity by administration of graded doses of allergen; see also immunotherapy. Called also hyposensitization.
2. in behavior therapy, the treatment of phobias and related disorders by intentionally exposing the patient, in imagination or in real life, to a hierarchy of emotionally distressing stimuli.


1. The reduction or abolition of allergic sensitivity or reactions to the specific antigen (allergen). Synonym(s): antianaphylaxis
2. The act of removing an emotional complex.
Synonym(s): hyposensitization


Allergen immunotherapy, see there.
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Dr Helen Bourne, of the regional Immunology and Allergy service based at the RVI, said: "The aim of the trial is to investigate if an allergy vaccination, with a specific house dust mite allergy tablet, can reduce asthma symptoms and daily intake of asthma medication."
Allergy vaccination was first tried in 1911 but has since fallen out of favour in the UK because of the potentially deadly side effects.
To a question, he said allergy vaccinations are very useful while people belong to far-flung areas complain that it was not useful due to temperature and timely vaccination.