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pertaining to or having an allergy.
allergic reaction a local or general reaction characterized by altered reactivity of the animal body to an antigenic substance; see also allergy.
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al·ler·gic re·ac·tion

a local or general reaction of an organism following contact with a specific allergen to which it has been previously exposed and sensitized; immunologic mechanisms gives rise to inflammation or tissue damage. Allergic reactions are classified into four major types: type I, anaphylactic and IgE dependent; type II, cytotoxic; type III, immune-complex mediated; type IV, cell mediated (delayed).
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allergic reaction

Immunology Any response to an allergic stimulus, which can be localized or systemic Clinical Rash, itching, hives, swelling, dyspnea, ↓ BP Lab ↑ IgE, ↑ mast cells, basophils, which release histamine, PGs, LTs, kinins, et al. See Asthma, Hypersensitivity reaction.
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al·ler·gic re·ac·tion

(ă-lĕr'jik rē-ak'shŭn)
A local or general reaction of an organism following contact with a specific allergen to which it has been previously exposed and sensitized.
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Allergic reaction

An inappropriate or exaggerated genetically determined reaction to a chemical that occurs only on the second or subsequent exposures to the offending agent, after the first contact has sensitized the body.
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al·ler·gic re·ac·tion

(ă-lĕr'jik rē-ak'shŭn)
Local or general reaction of an organism after contact with a specific allergen to which it has been previously exposed and sensitized.
Synonym(s): hypersensitivity reaction.
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Patient discussion about allergic reaction

Q. what cause an allergic reaction?

A. Frankly? no ones actually knows for sure. What we do know, is that due to some reason the immune system of certain people, regard several non-harmful substances (e.g. peanuts, antibiotics, bee's venom) as an enemy and learn to react to it.

This tendency to develop abnormal responses to substances other people don't response to is called "atopy". It has a very strong genetic basis (i.e. it runs in families), and also depends on other factors such as the exposure to infections and the pattern of exposure to the allergen (the substance that causes allergy).

It's a very wide subject, far beyond the scope of my answer, so you may read more here:

Q. Is it common to get an allergic reaction in the eye from olive harvest? I've been around olive trees for a few hours and now feel like I have something in my eye but there is nothing there. can it be an allergic reaction? I dont get it from eating olives...

A. but in one eye..? that just doesn't seem likely. but i guess there is no reason not to try both treatments....

Q. I am worried about the allergic reactions I had from the Chinese herbal drug. I am worried about the allergic reactions I had from the Chinese herbal drug that I took for my arthritis…..are these safe?

A. Many people have some type of reaction to either a drug and even a supplement. You can check with your doc to get tested to see what your sensitivities are. Regarding arthritis, no milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, anything with milk for starters, AVOID like the plague! Suagr consumption too will raise hell with it. There is a product that someone I knew took, called, "Cell Guard" which he bought at a health food store or Whole Foods. After a couple of months, he was pain free. Its worth a try! Cell Guard is made with SOD or "superoxide dismutase"
Studies have shown that SOD can play a critical role in reducing internal inflammation and lessening pain associated with conditions such as arthritis! Check it out! Let me know how you do!

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