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The Roblin Group is targeting allergy sufferers who want natural remedies with its Aller-Eze lozenges.
But older remedies like Piriton and Aller-Eze have a sedative effect as they block histamine in the part of the brain which usually keeps you alert.
Roblin Group Inc., meanwhile, is targeting allergy sufferers with its line of all-natural Aller-Eze allergy relief medication.
The company is extending its Aller-Eze brand with a formula for children between ages 6 and 12.
Terfenadine is sold under brand names including Triludan, Triludan Forte, Seldane, Terfenor, Aller-Eze Clear, and Boots Antihistamine Tablets.
For example, its new Aller-Eze allergy-relief medication and all future products will be available in attractive, upscale consumer packaging.
Terfenadine is also marketed as Triludan Forte, Aller-eze Clear, Boots Hay Fever Relief and Boots Antihistamine tablets.