Allen-Doisy test

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Al·len-Doi·sy test

a test for estrogenic activity; the material to be investigated is injected repeatedly into immature or spayed rats or mice; the disappearance of leukocytes from the vaginal smear and the appearance of cornified cells constitutes a positive reaction.
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Allen-Doisy test

An obsolete biological test for oestrogenic activity, in which splayed rodents are injected with an unknown solution which, if sufficient oestrogen is present, will induce production of keratinised squamous cells detectable in vaginal smears.
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Edward A., U.S. biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1893-1986.
Allen-Doisy test - see under Allen, Edgar
Allen-Doisy unit - see under Allen, Edgar


Edgar, U.S. endocrinologist, 1892-1943.
Allen-Doisy test - a test for estrogenic activity.
Allen-Doisy unit - the quantity of estrogen capable of producing in a spayed mouse a characteristic change in the vaginal epithelium. Synonym(s): mouse unit
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