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Allan, Scottish anatomist, 1781-1813.
Burns falciform process - Synonym(s): superior horn of falciform margin of saphenous opening
Burns ligament - Synonym(s): superior horn of falciform margin of saphenous opening
Burns space - a narrow interval between the deep and superficial layers of the cervical fascia above the manubrium of the sternum through which pass the anterior jugular veins. Synonym(s): suprasternal space
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Tesco's Head of Car Breakdown Cover Allan Burns says: 'As the choice widens, drivers need to be sure they will get high quality service.
Allan Burns, Head of Tesco Car Insurance, who carried out the survey, said: 'Police don't regard ignorance as a valid excuse.
Allan Burns, head of insurance at Tesco Personal Finance, said: "UK drivers on the whole are clearly very responsible, however they feel more improvements can be made, particularly in the area of police presence and speeding issues.
Allan Burns,of Tesco Motor Insurance, said: ``It seems motoring myths and misconceptions are alive and well.
Rintels, John Gay, Greg Strangis, Allan Burns, Larry Gelbart, and Diane English -- giants in the American creative community, each responsible for some of the most influential and successful television shows in American history.
This is a tremendously exciting time to be involved in this growth industry and I fully embrace the challenges presented by my new role," says chairman Allan Burns.
And Professor ALLAN BURNS, a former director of drinks giant Diageo, is honoured with a CBE for services to business in Scotland.
Allan Burns, head of Car Breakdown Cover at Tesco said: 'Many motorists have a tendency to take an 'it'll never happen to me' attitude, but with thousands of car breakdowns attended every week, they could be picking up a very large bill.
Customers should look for a great price as well as quality of service," says Allan Burns, head of Car Breakdown Cover at Tesco Personal Finance.
Allan Burns, of Tesco Personal Finance, says: 'Unless you are living in a Beckham-style mansion crammed full of antiques and jewellery, you won't need all that cover.
Allan Burns, Head of Lending at Tesco Personal Finance said: "With the technology that exists we could add a breathalyser strip to our credit cards.
Brooks and Allan Burns -- and Grant Tinker, former president of MTM Productions who was married to Mary Tyler Moore, are featured.