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Allan, Scottish anatomist, 1781-1813.
Burns falciform process - Synonym(s): superior horn of falciform margin of saphenous opening
Burns ligament - Synonym(s): superior horn of falciform margin of saphenous opening
Burns space - a narrow interval between the deep and superficial layers of the cervical fascia above the manubrium of the sternum through which pass the anterior jugular veins. Synonym(s): suprasternal space
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Tesco Car Insurance's Allan Burns said: "Our new product will improve choice for motorists.
Tesco Car Insurance's Allan Burns said, 'Our new product will improve choice for motorists.
Tesco's Head of Car Breakdown Cover Allan Burns says: 'As the choice widens, drivers need to be sure they will get high quality service.
Allan Burns, Head of Tesco Car Insurance, who carried out the survey, said: 'Police don't regard ignorance as a valid excuse.
Allan Burns, head of insurance at Tesco Personal Finance, said: "UK drivers on the whole are clearly very responsible, however they feel more improvements can be made, particularly in the area of police presence and speeding issues.
Allan Burns,of Tesco Motor Insurance, said: ``It seems motoring myths and misconceptions are alive and well.
We wish to thank Professor Allan Burns for taking over the duties of editor of PLL during 2001 while Brian Abel Ragen was on sabbatical.
Allan Burns, who teaches a nature-writing course at Southern Illinois University, echoed many other readers when he said, "I nominate McPhee as our finest and most versatile writer of nonfiction." Burns described both Encounters With the Archdruid and The Pine Barrens as "a delight--one a triptych of voyages undertaken by a great conservationist [David Brower] and his natural enemies, the other a masterful, multifaceted evocation of a largely unknown wilderness in New Jersey."
Sharing Information on Indigenous Educational Success--A Case Study from Australia" (Roberta Sykes); "Maya Education and Pan Maya Ideology in the Yucatan" (Allan Burns); "Indigenous Legal Translators: Challenges of a University Program for the Maya of Guatemala" (Guillermina Herrera Pena, translated by Nicole Thornton); "What Exactly Is It That You Teach?
Allan Burns and Anthony Fitzpatrick stormed a property in Renfrew, along with another, unidentified man, and threatened Joanne Smith with violence.
And Professor ALLAN BURNS, a former director of drinks giant Diageo, is honoured with a CBE for services to business in Scotland.
With his then-partner Allan Burns, Hayward created "The Munsters" and the pair went on to win an Emmy award for comedy writing for the series "He and She," starring Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss.