All Nighter

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A long, intense study session before an exam which is intended to help a student maximise his/her grades in a particular subject, by studying all night
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Nowell was clearly mad about his music and the activities that went on to accompany it, from all nighters at the Wigan Casino to the clothes that the most avid Northern Soul activist should wear.
h - ns cs il Organiser Matt Palmer said: "When I was 17, I went with my friend to a horror all nighter, his dad took us along and it was just the most exciting thing ever.
With these all nighters you can laugh with friends and enjoy a drink."
Kiss presents the Lynx All Nighter, a unique and exciting club night taking place at Alexandra Palace on the eve of Halloween.
The Mirror is official media partner for the Lynx All Nighter and, who knows, you might even find yourself appearing in 3AM or on
525: All Nighter, Capdoo Girl, Divine Rookie, Rathfern Ranger, Boden Mary, Kits Law.
IT IS all systems go for another set of all nighters, with Society, G-Bar and Garlands pulling out the stops.

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