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The monovalent radical, CH3CH2O-.
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Harada et al., "Mechanical properties of silane treated, silica-particle-filled polyisoprene rubber composites: effects of the loading amount and alkoxy group numbers of a silane coupling agent containing mercapto groups," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, vol.
It can be found that the phase separation temperature of M15, M30 and M50 declines at first, then increases, finally tends to stabilize with the length of the alkoxy group. The phase separation temperature of M65 declines at first and then increases along with the length of the alkoxy group.
reported synthesis of MS SiNPs in a size range of 20 to 700 nm by utilizing tetra alkoxysilanes with different alkoxy groups as silica source and varying the type and amounts of co-surfactant alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol) [19].
Adding one or two nitrile groups in the orthoposition to the alkoxy group changes the mesomorphic behavior towards only one mesophase in a large temperature interval.
It was found that the stability of the blends depend on the length of the glycolic esters' alkoxy group and hexyl glycolic and octyl glycolic were found to be the most effective in various gasoline-methanol blends.
In ethanol solution, nitrate group in Cr[(N[O.sub.3]).sub.3]x9[H.sub.2]O may be replaced by alkoxy group,
In the first step, the precursor alkoxy group is hydrolized, while, in the second step, a condensation reaction between M-OH groups and/or M-OR groups takes place, leading to the formation of the limit (MO.sub.x) inorganic network (see Scheme 1).
has obtained a patent for a method for forming an acrylic emulsion comprised of emulsion copolymerization of monomers comprised of an acrylic monomer having an epoxy group, an acrylic monomer having a hydroxyl group using a reactive emulsifier having an unsaturated double bond in the molecule and a polymerization initiator having an imidazole group and/or an imidazoline group in the presence of a silane compound having an epoxy group and an alkoxy group in the molecule.
Also, the slow rate of metabolism of butachlor to CDEPA suggests that the length of the alkoxy group needs to be less than six atoms.
The results show that the stabilities of the blends depend on the length of the glycolic esters' alkoxy group. In addition the tartaric esters also can depress the saturation vapor pressure of methanol-gasoline effectively in M15.
Alkoxysilanes represent an important set of aptly named "coupling agents," and in the case shown in Figure 2, the inorganic bonding group would be an alkoxy group, and the organic group would normally be an alkyl (organic carbon-hydrogen) group.
wherein [R.sub.f] is a perfluorinated group optionally containing one or more heteroatoms; [R.sup.1] is a divalent alkylene group, arylene group or mixture thereof, substituted with one or more heteroatoms or functional groups, containing about one to about 16 carbon atoms; [R.sup.2] is a lower alkyl group; X is a halide, a lower alkoxy group or an acyloxy group; and x is 0 or 1.