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Among the different fractions (rAH, TArH, UCM), unresolved aliphatic hydrocarbons (UCM) represented the highest levels which may reflect high degradation in the studied area (Fig.
Table-4: Concentrations of total aliphatic hydrocarbons (TAH) in marine sediments for some coastal regions in the world.
Comparing Hydrocarbon Levels in Jeddah Sediment with other Coasts in the World Total aliphatic hydrocarbons (TAH) in the present study were ranged between 2.
Chemical class fractionation of the obtained shale oil using solid phase extraction on silica gel was particularly useful for separation of the oil into aliphatic, aromatic, ester and polar hydrocarbons.
The content of aliphatic material represented by the fractions pentane-1 and pentane-2 is lower in the oil obtained at pyrolysis under the nitrogen/steam atmosphere.
The formation of aromatics via secondary reactions during pyrolysis has been attributed to Diels-Alder type reactions or to gas-phase cracking of aliphatic compounds resulting in selective concentration of aromatic compounds.
We found that preovulatory LH in urine was lower in healthy, reproductive-age women who had higher internal doses of aliphatic HCs in exhaled breath.
Our high versus low aliphatic HC exposure groups had urinary LH levels of 15.
The mechanism by which aliphatic HCs could lower LH levels is unknown.
Epotuf epoxy hardeners include modified aliphatic and cycloaliphatic polyamines, polyamides and polyamide solutions, amidopolyamines, and anhydrides.
Epoxy curing agents for use in all epoxy application arenas include aromatic amines, aliphatic and cycloaliphatic mines, ketamines, polyamides, polyamine adducts and salts, amido-amine and accelerated amines.
Formulating is done with aliphatic amine, anhydride, polyamide, Lewis-acid, and cycloaliphatic chemistries.