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Offers polyamides, anhydrides, and aliphatic, amido, cycloaliphatic, aromatic, tertiary, and boron trifluoride amines.
Epotuf epoxy hardeners include modified aliphatic and cycloaliphatic polyamines, polyamides and polyamide solutions, amidopolyamines, and anhydrides.
Epoxy curing agents for use in all epoxy application arenas include aromatic amines, aliphatic and cycloaliphatic mines, ketamines, polyamides, polyamine adducts and salts, amido-amine and accelerated amines.
This could be a result of the steam reactions which could have caused an increase in the aliphatics degradation (cracking).
The aliphatic material represented by the pentane fractions 1 and 2 showed a decrease from 18.
Detailed examination of the aliphatic fractions by GC/MS was not carried out.
We analyzed the samples in two batches and quantified aliphatic [C.
We assigned the duplicate, end-of-shift breath sample levels from the 13 participants to the same aliphatic HC and BTEX exposure groups (high/low) approximately 70% of the time, indicating relatively high comparability among samples.
Variables used to characterize the internal dose of HCs measured in the 63 breath samples were aliphatic [C.