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Theodore L., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1899-1946. See: Terry syndrome.
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Mary and Alicia and Felicity and Mary McCann are just sort of all on this high level of great actresses.
Deborah and Alicia used to be in the hotel business together and became best pals.
and DTH (The Four Temperaments; Agon, with Kip Sturm and the recently returned Alicia Graf).
Alicia to Kevin: "I have to show you a new place I found with a great view.
They give us a chance to show people that we can do what normal kids can de," says Alicia.
And Alicia - real name Lisa Ferreire - hopes David can open a few Hollywood doors for her.
Alicia Conill has turned her Amigo into her pulpit and her disability into a teaching tool.
Dona Alicia nacio en Uruapan, donde, en su tiempo, las senoritas solo estudiaban una "carrera corta" o se dedicaban a bordar mientras pescaban marido.
Since Alicia was born with blue-green eyes like her father's, her family assumed she carried the evil eye, like him.
Senior Vice Presidents in Digital, Alicia Arnold and Priya Shah Join Hill Holliday