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Theodore L., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1899-1946. See: Terry syndrome.
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People have seen Alicia Marie Cosplay in many sexy and creative outfits from Musotica.
As the pair suspiciously size each other up, the first order of business is to start digging through the unexpected mountain of dirt that the opposition has gathered on Saint Alicia.
Alicia tipped Nadia or Bootle-born Keith Chegwin to win this year's contest.
Alicia claimed Katie stole her man back in 2002 and Katie, now 36, was nervous and shaking when she entered the house on Friday.
html) Daily Mail , Kristen Stewart spent her Christmas holidays with Alicia Cargile and the two continued to be together for New Year's celebrations, too.
As their relationship grew, Alicia knew her beau was someone very special.
Alicia, 12, raced with ten of her friends to raise PS1000 for Josie's Dragonfly Trust for terminally ill children.
Alicia, from Skelmanthorpe, loved her long hair and wanted to keep growing it.
In a showbiz flourish, a curtain was pulled back revealing Alicia and the wax figure which was dressed in the black leather jumpsuit and matching motorcycle jacket she famously wore in the video for Empire State of Mind.
Alicia - whose first album is re-released in a deluxe edition on June 27 - finished perfectly with her biggest hit No One.
After the success of the first launch, I am so proud to partner with EcoTools for another collection of beautiful and eco-conscious cosmetic bags," says Alicia.
Nothing is really calming down the child," said Alicia, a Canadian mother of two who has lived in Saudi Arabia for five years.