Ali Maow Maalin

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A 23-year-old Somalian male cook who, in 1977, was the last known person to contract smallpox
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In Somalia, cook Ali Maow Maalin became the last person in the world to be infected with smallpox.
A 30-year-old Somali cook named Ali Maow Maalin was the world's last case of natural smallpox, the endpoint in a continuing chain of transmission extending back at least 3,500 years.
Above, Janet Parker who was infected by a smallpox strain carried on a breeze into the phone room at the University of Birmingham Medical School; left, the microscopic smallpox virus; below, a technician handles a phial of the disease; Left, scientist Henry Bedson who committed suicide after test viruses in his lab infected Janet Parker with smallpox; top, Ali Maow Maalin who survived being infected by the disease and brought the World Health Organisation close to declaring the disease eradicated; above, smallpox lesions on the skin are shown in this photograph taken in 1973 in Bangladesh