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In Sweida, the AL observers met the religious leaders of the Unitarian Druze community in Syria and Metropolitan Saba Esper of Hawran and Jabal al-Arab and Quneitra for Roman Orthodox and Sheikh Mohammad al-Nemer, Imam of Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Sweida.
Abdulsalam said the attack targeted Houthis who were preparing to mark Al-Ghadeer, the day on which Shiites commemorate Ali Bin Abi Taleb, a key figure of the Shiite Houthi faith, as supposed successor to the Prophet Mohammed in ruling the Islamic Umma.
They are named after Zaid bin Ali Zayn el Abideen bin Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Taleb. However, they are not followers of the Jaafari sect nor are they waiting for the reappearance of the hidden twelfth Imam.
"Those arrested are Ali Abd Taan, otherwise known as Ali Sharea; Sayyid Munadil, the mastermind and most bloodthirsty in the group; Muhsin Sharea; Haidar Jouri; and Razzaq al-Sammak, the so-called commander of Ali Bin Abi Taleb's brigade," Jawdat said.
The road users on the right side will also need to take a right turn on the intersection onto Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street to reach their desired destination as shown on the map.
Addressing citizens in Qatif, he said security forces have arrested most of the culprits behind Friday's terror attack on the Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Al-Qadeeh village, in which 21 Saudis were killed.
Warning against fanaticism, he said, the Khawarej or rebellions at the time of Ali Bin Abi Taleb, cousin of the Prophet (peace be upon him), fought Muslims, named them disbelievers, killed them, and took hold of their money due to misunderstanding some verses from the Quran.
Mount Lebanon Mufti Mohammad Ali Jouzo had harsher words for the Nasrallah speech, denouncing the Hezbollah leader for veering from the path of Ali bin Abi Taleb, a companion and cousin of the Prophet Mohammad and the second-most venerated figure in Shiite Islam.
The winners were announced at the reception, from the following schools: Aley State, American Academy of Beirut, Students Paradise Secondary, Makassed Ali Bin Abi Taleb and Houssam Eddine el Hariri high schools.