Alfven, Hannes Olof Gosta

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Hannes Olof Gosta, Swedish plasma physicist and astronomer, 1908-1995, winner of the 1970 Nobel Prize for Physics.
Alfvén wave - transverse electromagnetic wave propagated along lines of magnetic force in plasma.
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29) The Alfven waves do not develop into shocks, but their nonlinear wave-wave interaction may generate compressive waves which then dissipate their energy by shock formation.
Whether the nonthermal width is due to Alfven waves was examined by observing coronal loops with different orientations, (31) and it was found that the nonthermal motions are nearly isotropic.
2007) Evidence for Alfven waves in solar X-ray jets.
Alfven waves move along the sun's magnetic fields like "waves traveling along a string," Jess explains.
Data gathered by the team suggest that Alfven waves are energetic enough to heat the whole corona.
They interpret this too as a sign of Alfven waves leading to coronal heating.
Using NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) satellite, they traced the movements of this solar 'seaweed' and measured how much energy is being carried by the Alfven waves.
McIntosh said Alfven waves are waves that travel up and down a magnetic field line much the way a wave travels up and down a plucked string.
First proposed in the 1940s, Alfven waves were finally detected in 2007, in solar plasmas.
This creates the bright spots, which twisted left and right like corkscrews, possibly proving that Alfven waves are magnetic," Jess said.