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de Mus·set

Alfred. See: Musset.
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L.C. Alfred de, French poet, 1810-1857.
de Musset sign - Synonym(s): Musset sign
Musset sign - in incompetence of the aortic valve, rhythmical nodding of the head, synchronous with the heart beat. Synonym(s): de Musset sign
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Adaptation of Alfred de Musset's play, directed by Yiannis Iordanides.
(23.) See the detailed account of the novel's genesis in Alfred de Musset, Oeuvres completes en prose, ed.
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Sand smoked in public, wrote novels and racy memoirs, wore men's clothes and had a string of lovers, including the poet Alfred de Musset and Frederic Chopin, plus a number of younger men.
When her affair with Flaubert collapsed, she began courting Alfred de Musset. That too proved disastrous, as Louise found when she paid him a call and was told by the concierge that the poet had left her the message, "Monsieur de Musset has gone to Lake Como, in America" (geography was not de Musset's strongest subject!).
Screenplay, Civanyan, Philippe Cabot, based on the play by Alfred de Musset. Camera (color, widescreen), Eduardo Serra; editor, Aurique Delannoy; music, Francois Peyrony; production designer, At Hoang;, costume designer, Anne Brault; sound (Dolby), Eric Devulder, Jean Gargonne, Francois Groult; assistant director, Stephane Moreno Carpio; casting, Francoise Menidrey, Pascale Beraud.
And the Shakespeare Theater's director revealed that during the same season curtains would raise on Alfred de Musset's classic French drama, Lorenzaccio.
Alfred de Musset, the elegant French writer, pictured himself once as the droll Fantasio while James Joyce - and is there anybody more famous in 20th century literature?