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de Mus·set

Alfred. See: Musset.


L.C. Alfred de, French poet, 1810-1857.
de Musset sign - Synonym(s): Musset sign
Musset sign - in incompetence of the aortic valve, rhythmical nodding of the head, synchronous with the heart beat. Synonym(s): de Musset sign
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The affair between 19th-century French writers George Sand (Juliette Binoche) and Alfred de Musset (Benoit Magimel) is chronicled in ``Children of the Century.
Alfred de Musset is of course the well-known Romantic poet and dramatist.
The work of Claude de Burine has slowly amplified from the early Lettres a l'enfance (1957) and La gardienne (1960), through Le passeur (1977) and La servante (1980), recipients respectively of the Prix Max Jacob and the Prix Alfred de Musset, to the recent collections Le voyageur (1991) and Le visiteur (1991).
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Contractor address : ZA de Thouars rue Alfred de Musset
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