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Rupert, British physician, 1873-1958. See: Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome.
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The home was built for the Backhouse family, a Darlington banking family around 1872, and designed by the renowned architect of that time Alfred Waterhouse, bestknown for designing the Natural History Museum in London.
Thanks to the generosity of owners of the Middlesbrough Estate, new buildings, including the clock tower, designed by Alfred Waterhouse, the Royal Academic who designed the Natural History Museum in London, were opened in 1877 in King Edward's Road, at the end of Albert Road.
The 8 July sale embraces anything from ancient elk antlers and antiquities to Oriental carpets and porcelain, paintings, garden statuary, architectural antiques and architect-designed furniture by Lutyens, Pugin, William Morris, Alfred Waterhouse and the Barnsleys.
Not only did Paxo choose the former mill town at the cobbled end of the M62 as the premier Victorian city over Liverpool (aka Second City of Empire), but, while extolling Manchester Town Hall, failed to inform us all that it was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, from Liverpool.
It was designed by Manchester architect Alfred Waterhouse who was also responsible for the city's Town Hall and the Natural History Museum in London.
The North Western Hotel was designed for the London North Western Railway by Liverpool architect Sir Alfred Waterhouse, who also designed the Natural History Museum and Manchester Town Hall.
HOME In association with Once part of the buildings that belonged to nearby Hutton Hall, it dates back to 1826 and was once the stables and coach house for the country house that was designed by architect Alfred Waterhouse for industrialist Joseph Pease.
Architect Alfred Waterhouse designed the famous red-brick building in Browlow Hill in 1885, to stand on the site for a former house.
When a new Infirmary site and hospital was being planned in 1885, they turned to renowned architect Alfred Waterhouse who brought common sense to the table as well as design skills.
The architect was one of Victorian England's most famous designers, Alfred Waterhouse -responsible for the magnificent Natural History Museum in London.
The Royal Liverpool Infirmary, in Brownlow Street, was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, an architect associated with the Victorian Gothic Revival.