Gordon, Alfred

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Alfred, U.S. neurologist, 1874-1953.
Gordon reflex - dorsal flexion of the great toe produced by firm lateral pressure on the calf muscles. Synonym(s): paradoxical flexor reflex
Gordon sign - a sign of organic hemiplegia. Synonym(s): finger phenomenon
Gordon symptom - the occurrence of an appreciable interval after the production of a reflex before relaxation. Synonym(s): tonic reflex
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He said: "The last owner of the William Hope was Alfred Gordon Primrose, of Dock Street, Dundee.
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Six brothers Louis Gordon of Wakefield, Lowell Gordon of Dorchester, Alfred Gordon of East Sandwich, Robert Gordon of Wolaston, Leonard Gordon of N.H.
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The suit was filed by Alfred Gordon, of the Boston law firm Pyle, Rome, Lichten, Ehrenberg & Less-Riordon, who said the arrangement was finalized last week.