Binet, Alfred

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Alfred, French psychologist, 1857-1911.
Binet age - the age of the normal child with whose intelligence (as measured by the Stanford-Binet scale) the intelligence of the abnormal child corresponds.
Binet scale - Synonym(s): Binet-Simon scale
Binet-Simon scale - forerunner of individual intelligence tests designed for children and adults, sometimes referred to as the Binet scale. Synonym(s): Binet scale
Binet test - Synonym(s): Stanford-Binet intelligence scale
Stanford-Binet intelligence scale - see under Stanford
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By assimilating the discoveries of prominent contributors on the subjects of trauma, hysteria, repression, and mesmerism - William James and Alfred Binet directly, Janet and Freud indirectly - Hopkins invites this speculation.
French psychologist Alfred Binet devised the first intelligence test in 1905 to help Parisian educators identify students with learning problems.
Of course, in the century following their first use by Alfred Binet in Paris, IQ tests have exerted an increasingly powerful sway on popular thinking about performance in schools and workplaces.