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Alfred, French psychologist, 1857-1911.
Binet age - the age of the normal child with whose intelligence (as measured by the Stanford-Binet scale) the intelligence of the abnormal child corresponds.
Binet scale - Synonym(s): Binet-Simon scale
Binet-Simon scale - forerunner of individual intelligence tests designed for children and adults, sometimes referred to as the Binet scale. Synonym(s): Binet scale
Binet test - Synonym(s): Stanford-Binet intelligence scale
Stanford-Binet intelligence scale - see under Stanford
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At the beginning of the 20th century, Alfred Binet invented the precursor of IQ (Intelligence Quotient).
Proust et le moi divise, charts the history of the publication and dissemination of such case studies and their reception, notably, for example, through Alfred Binet's book, Les AWrationsde lapersonnalite (Paris: Alcan, 1892).
The previous Historical Perspectives column focused on the foundations of gifted education and the influence that Francis Galton, Alfred Binet, and Cesare Lombroso had in shaping the field.
Scientific interest in the nature of human intelligence began a century ago, with the pioneering works of Charles Spearman in Britain and Alfred Binet in France.
Alfred Binet's intelligence quotient quiz was used to keep dim-wits out of schools but has developed into a general system to test intelligence all over the world.
Tambien resulta interesante su aproximacion a las vidas de Piaget y Vigotsky, y el paralelo que establece entre ambos teoricos e investigadores, asi como el papel que desempeno, en ambos casos, su relacion con la figura de Alfred Binet.
172) described Goddard as having 'perverted' the work of Alfred Binet and furthermore accused Goddard of having doctored the photographs of the feeble-minded in order to make them appear more menacing, a claim which was accepted and repeated in subsequent literature.
(59.) Alfred Binet, New Methods for the Diagnosis of the Intellectual Level of Subnormals, in The Development of Intelligence in Children (Elizabeth S.
The test was devised between 1905 and 1911 by the French psychologist Alfred Binet. It was refined by Lewis Terman of Stanford University in the United States.