Velpeau, Alfred A.L.M.

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Alfred A.L.M., French surgeon, 1795-1867.
Velpeau axillary lateral view
Velpeau axillary radiograph
Velpeau bandage - serves to immobilize arm to chest wall, with the forearm positioned obliquely across and upward on front of chest.
Velpeau canal - passage through the layers of the lower abdominal wall that transmits the spermatic cord in the male and the round ligament in the female. Synonym(s): inguinal canal
Velpeau cast
Velpeau deformity
Velpeau dressing
Velpeau fossa - a wedge-shaped space with its base toward the perineum. Synonym(s): ischiorectal fossa
Velpeau hernia - femoral hernia in which the intestine is in front of the blood vessels.
Velpeau shoulder immobilizer
Velpeau sling
Velpeau stockinette
Velpeau tendon transfer
Velpeau wrap
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