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Victor, dermatologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1877-1919. See: Mucha-Habermann disease.
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The range of objects is vast, and encompasses a refined schist head of a bodhisattva from ancient Gandhara (3rd-5th century) at Christophe Hioco, and some exceptional art nouveau jewellery by the leaders of the movement, Georges Fouquet and Alfons Mucha, from Epoque Fine Jewels in Belgium.
The creative tradition, for its part, dates back to the days of Art Nouveau championed by Bohemian artist Alfons Mucha, and Czech crafts folk can easily transform a Barrandov Studios soundstage into a post-apocalyptic fantasy.
The captivating album cover features a detail of an Alfons Mucha poster.
Nicolas, the Old Town Hall, Wenceslas Square, the Alfons Mucha Museum, the Municipal House, where we have coffee and a snack, and the Powder Gate.
Art is eternal, Alfons Mucha maintained, so it could never be merely "nouveau" (1).
As pointed out by Reznikow, out of it came artists of the magnitude of Frantisek Kupka and Alfons Mucha.