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Conclusion: Serum Alfa fetoprotein levels were a useful tool for the detection of hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis C virus patients.
Magnetic resonance imaging and serum alfa fetoprotein have been used to diagnose abdominal pregnancy (9, 10) however there was no justification to perform these tests in this patient as the diagnosis was not suspected.
No statistically significant association was observed with age, gender, presence of co-morbids, basal total bilirubin, platelet levels, transaminases, albumin, sodium, creatinine, alfa fetoprotein, Okuda stage, CTP score or MELD score.
On the basis of alfa fetoprotein level patients were divided in to 3 groups; Group I with normal AFP ( less than 20IU/ml), Group II with moderately elevated AFP (20-399IU/ml), and Group III with markedly elevated AFP ( greater than 400 iu/ml).