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Gustav, Austrian otolaryngologist, 1873-1932. See: Alexander hearing impairment.


W. Stewart, 20th-century New Zealand pathologist. See: Alexander disease.
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Even Alexander, who, it must have been perceived was on terms of comparative freedom with his parent - even Alexander had never before dared to cut short an interview in this high- handed fashion.
During these few steps he once more mentally revolted, and once more, and this time finally, laid down his arms: a still, small voice in his bosom having informed him authentically of a piece of news; that he was afraid of Alexander.
Yet in that interval he had reviewed a great field of possibilities both past and future; whether it was possible he had not been perfectly wise in his treatment of John; whether it was possible that John was innocent; whether, if he turned John out a second time, as his outraged authority suggested, it was possible to avoid a scandal; and whether, if he went to that extremity, it was possible that Alexander might rebel.
He could not help feeling that there were unreasoning and unreasonable activities going on in Alexander all the while; that even after dinner, when most men achieve a decent impersonality, Bartley had merely closed the door of the engine-room and come up for an airing.
Alexander explained, as she crossed to an upright piano that stood at the back of the room, near the windows.
Although Alexander was only forty-three, Wilson thought that beneath his vigorous color he detected the dulling weariness of on-coming middle age.
Pigling Bland pulled out his paper; Alexander, after fumbling, handed over something scrumply--
I disposed of Alexander in the neighbourhood; he did fairly well when he had settled down.
Pigling Bland was shocked, there was little hope of sleeping in Market Town, and to-morrow was the hiring fair; it was deplorable to think how much time had been wasted by the frivolity of Alexander.
My troubles are over, and once more I can be gay, debonair, vivacious with Miss Marion, for no longer will there be present the cat Alexander to 'arass me.
Nowhere,' she has said, 'can there be found the cat Alexander of whom I am so fond.
I rather fancy that I 'ave tracked down the missing Alexander, do you not know?

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