Russell, Alexander

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Alexander, 20th century English pediatrician.
Russell syndrome - failure of infants and young children to thrive due to suprasellar lesions, commonly astrocytomas of the anterior third ventricle.
Russell-Silver dwarfism - Synonym(s): Silver-Russell syndrome
Silver-Russell dwarfism - Synonym(s): Silver-Russell syndrome
Silver-Russell syndrome - see under Silver
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Members of the project team, including Alexander Russell and Elliot Wynd-Jenn, from North Warwick-Warwickshire and Hinckley College, have been working hard for the past six months to compile information about the various kits, grounds, stats, players, managers and supporters relating to the town football club.
Following the death of his first wife he remarried and, at the age of almost 67, his fourth son, Alexander Russell Downer, was born.
A Muslim in Victorian America: The Life of Alexander Russell Webb
The Wirral long jump pair of Martin Brown and Alexander Russell won two of the other three awards.
I joined one patrol, led by Sgt Alexander Russell, a mad Hibee supporter, from Edinburgh.
Quarry and building products group Alexander Russell has pulled out of takeover talks with the giant building trade supplier RMC, which owns 26 per cent of the Glasgow-based company.
Alexander Russell Sleith, 67, claimed he was looking after the "commercial" sized haul for a friend.
A website is being set up by college students Alexander Russell and Elliott Wynd-Jenn, while a dropin session has already been organised at the library, on November 14, to collate and copy various artefacts, such old programmes and newspaper cuttings, connected to the football club.
In fact my fellow students also did well from class research as we had bids for Breedon, Bruntcliffe and Alexander Russell, which had all been carefully analysed by our lecturer who is an expert at balance sheet analysis.
Engineers the Weir Group, hotels group Stakis and quarry firm Alexander Russell all face the prospect of takeover bids leading to control moving out of Scotland.