Russell, Alexander

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Alexander, 20th century English pediatrician.
Russell syndrome - failure of infants and young children to thrive due to suprasellar lesions, commonly astrocytomas of the anterior third ventricle.
Russell-Silver dwarfism - Synonym(s): Silver-Russell syndrome
Silver-Russell dwarfism - Synonym(s): Silver-Russell syndrome
Silver-Russell syndrome - see under Silver
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But Mr Ian McKerracher, managing director of Alexander Russell, quarry masters, hinted that the spot known asThe Craigie at Duncarnock could be preserved.
Religious Alexander Russell as Bishop Clements, the man who for 25 years from 1233, rescued a crumbling Dunblane Cathedral
The first outings for the work will see 11 actors play the roles, with John taking the role of Alexander Russell, an Edinburgh journalist who publicly supported the women's cause.
In order to revisit the nature of the liberal intellectual tradition of what is traditionally recognized as the Scottish Enlightenment, Starkey discusses two editions of Natural History of Aleppo, which Scottish physician Alexander Russell (1714-68) wrote and published in 1756.
Members of the project team, including Alexander Russell and Elliot Wynd-Jenn, from North Warwick-Warwickshire and Hinckley College, have been working hard for the past six months to compile information about the various kits, grounds, stats, players, managers and supporters relating to the town football club.
Marshall was married in 1947 to Elizabeth Cynthia Cryan, with whom he had two sons, Alexander Russell Marshall and Philip Cryan Marshall.
Part III, 'The Dynamics of Orthodox Reform', focuses on the institutional Church, with Alexander Russell on the ambivalence of Thomas Netter (a still neglected figure) towards conciliarism, David Lepine on Salisbury Cathedral's liturgical and administrative reforms, Sheila Lindenbaum on reforming London clerics, clerical education, and teaching, and James Willoughby on the establishment of freely accessible libraries in London, Worcester, Bristol, and Norwich.
Highlighting the diverse origins and other differences among Muslims in America, Curtis tells of one 19th-century convert, a white middle-class Protestant named Alexander Russell Webb.
Following the death of his first wife he remarried and, at the age of almost 67, his fourth son, Alexander Russell Downer, was born.
A Muslim in Victorian America: The Life of Alexander Russell Webb