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Alexander, English dentist, 1789-1849.
Nasmyth cuticle - two extremely thin layers covering the entire crown of newly erupted teeth and subsequently abraded by mastication. Synonym(s): enamel cuticle; Nasmyth membrane
Nasmyth membrane - Synonym(s): Nasmyth cuticle
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Alexander Nasmyth's Falls of Clyde took 90,000 [pounds sterling] against an estimate of 50,000 [pounds sterling]-70,000 [pounds sterling].
A world-record price for a work by 19th-century Scottish artist Alexander Nasmyth was fetched at auction in London yesterday.
'A Prospect of London, Seen From The Earl of Cassilis's Privy Garden, With Waterloo Bridge Beyond' by Alexander Nasmyth (1758-1840) was bought by a private collector on the telephone for pounds 446,650 against several bidders at Bonhams salerooms in New Bond Street.
Alexander Nasmyth was also an excellent mechanic in his own right.
Showcasing two key artists, William Allan and Alexander Nasmyth, Hill argues eloquendy for Scott's conception of the supplementary, documentary function that literary illustration should perform.
Strang's Lady with a Red Hat to Alexander Nasmyth's iconic painting of Robert Burns.