Alexander's deafness

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hearing loss; lack or loss of all or a major part of the sense of hearing. For types, see under hearing loss.
Alexander's deafness congenital deafness due to cochlear aplasia involving chiefly the organ of Corti and adjacent ganglion cells of the basal coil of the cochlea; high-frequency hearing loss results.
central deafness that due to causes in the auditory pathways or in the brain; see hearing loss.
conduction deafness (conductive deafness) conductive hearing loss.
functional deafness functional hearing loss.
hysterical deafness functional hearing loss.
pagetoid deafness that occurring in osteitis deformans of the bones of the skull (paget's disease).
sensorineural deafness
1. that due to a defect in the inner ear or the acoustic nerve. See hearing loss.
word deafness auditory aphasia.
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