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Gustav, Austrian otolaryngologist, 1873-1932. See: Alexander hearing impairment.


W. Stewart, 20th-century New Zealand pathologist. See: Alexander disease.
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When cravat-wearing Aleksandr and his sidekick Sergei first hit our screens in 2009, comparethemarket.
Back then, in response to demand, a soft toy of Aleksandr was available in limited edition at Harrods.
Aleksandr is survived by his devoted wife of 26 years, Tatyana I.
Mr Ross said: "We ve got children asking our keepers which meerkat is Aleksandr, and visitors of all ages are standing by the enclosure doing impressions of him or singing the jingle from the advert.
Compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary praised Aleksandr Orlov for getting his catchphrase, which appears in the comparethemarket.
Guus Hiddink made two changes at half-time, bringing on Sergei Semak and Aleksandr Kerzhakov for Pavlyuchenko and Yanbaev.
First published in 1980, this volume reproduces three major addresses by famed Russian dissident and writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) that were delivered in the United States in the mid-1970s.
THE cravat-wearing meerkat Aleksandr Orlov has won praise from the head of a Cardiff rival.
The tiny mammals have recently shot up the attraction's popularity charts thanks to the antics of Aleksandr, star of a current TV commercial, and programmes like Meerkat Manor.
Barca's hopes were ended last season by a semi-final defeat to Manchester United, and new coach Pep Guardiola will be looking to the likes of Daniel Alves and former Arsenal player Aleksandr Hleb to make an impression after signing during the summer.
Three vagrants, one a former physicist, wander the metaphysical terrain of immediately post-Soviet Russia in Aleksandr Ilichevsky's novel Matiss (a la Henri Matisse).
The group allegedly was led by Konstantin Grigoryan, 56, of Altadena, a former colonel in the Soviet army; his wife, Mayya Leonidovna Grigoryan, 54; the Grigoryans' son-in-law, Eduard Gershelis, 34, of Los Angeles; Mayya Grigoryan's brother-in-law, Aleksandr Treynker, 48, of Canoga Park; and Haroutyun Gulderyan, 36, of Tujunga.

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