alcoholic polyneuropathy

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al·co·hol·ic pol·y·neu·rop·a·thy

a nutritional axon loss polyneuropathy associated with chronic alcoholism.
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alcoholic neuropathy

A nutritional neuropathy secondary to chronic alcohol abuse, which is exacerbated by specific nutritional deficiencies—e.g., thiamin and vitamin B12 deficiency.
Clinical findings
Burning pain and weakness of legs with atrophy and fasciculations, paraesthesias (usually acral), decreased tactile and position sense, ataxia, ulcers of immobile parts, sensory defects, muscle weakness and cramps, heat intolerance, impotence, dysuria, dysphagia, speech impairment, diarrhoea, constipation.
Diet, thiamin, vitamin B12.
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alcoholic polyneuropathy

Alcoholic neuropathy, see there.
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Alcoholic polyneuropathy is characterized by axonal degeneration and demyelination.
Alcoholic polyneuropathy or bilateral common peroneal nerve palsy was suspected as the preliminary diagnosis and electroneuromyography (ENMG) was performed which revealed normal conduction velocities of the bilateral sural, median, and ulnar nerves.
The 45 patients with non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy were grouped according to the following diagnoses: (1) fifteen patients with segmental demyelination, nine with Guillain-Barre syndrome, five with chronic inflammatory demyelinating poly-radiculo-neuropathy (CIDP), and one with hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (HMSN), type 1; (2) eleven patients with axonal neuropathy, five with toxic neuropathy, one with vitamin deficiency neuropathy, one with subacute myelo-optico-neuropathy (SMON), two with ischemic neuropathy, and two with amyloid neuropathy; (3) four patients with alcoholic polyneuropathy; and (4) fourteen patients with other poly neuropathy.
The death records did not contain direct drinking measures, so the researchers presumed heavy drinking when they saw any of 12 ICD-10 codes for alcohol-induced medical conditions (alcohol-induced Cushing's syndrome; mental/behavioral disorders due to alcohol; degeneration of nervous system due to alcohol; alcohol in blood; alcohol poisoning, either accidental or undetermined; and alcoholic polyneuropathy, myopathy, gastritis, liver disease, or chronic pancreatitis).
The study also concluded that the incidence of alcohol hallucinosis was significantly and consistently higher in younger age group patients and the incidence of alcoholic polyneuropathy, Wernicke's encephalopathy, Wernicke's-Korsakoff syndrome were significantly and consistently higher in very older age group patients.
The study also concluded that incidence of alcohol hallucinosis was significantly and consistently higher in patients with lesser duration of alcohol intake, whereas the incidence of alcoholic polyneuropathy and WernickeKorsakoff encephalopathy was significantly and consistently higher in patients with longer duration of alcohol intake.
Deaths Alcohol-attributable condition Male Female Total Lip & Oropharyngeal Cancer 173 38 211 Oesophageal Cancer 304 65 370 Liver Cancer 171 63 234 Laryngeal Cancer 170 17 186 Breast Cancer 0 189 189 Alcoholic Psychoses 46 6 52 Alcohol Dependence Syndrome 416 117 533 Alcohol Abuse 70 21 91 Epilepsy 21 16 37 Alcoholic Polyneuropathy 0 0 0 Hypertension 23 7 30 Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy 69 4 73 Cardiac Dysrhythmias 56 48 103 Heart Failure & III-defined 8 5 12 Stroke 142 12 153 Oesophageal Varices 5 1 61 Gastro-oesophag.
Hospitalizations Alcohol-attributable condition Male Female Total Lip & Oropharyngeal Cancer 756 164 919 Oesophageal Cancer 696 146 842 Liver Cancer 316 94 410 Laryngeal Cancer 722 108 830 Breast Cancer 0 898 898 Alcoholic Psychoses 4,144 1,225 5,369 Alcohol Dependence Syndrome 10,670 3,646 14,316 Alcohol Abuse 1,966 1,163 3,129 Epilepsy 655 569 1,224 Alcoholic Polyneuropathy 41 131 54 Hypertension 329 1341 462 Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy 205 17 222 Cardiac Dysrhythmias 2,984 1,620 4,604 Heart Failure & III-defined 359 211 570 Stroke 900 74 973 Oesophageal Varices 254 96 350 Gastro-oesophag.