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Benjamin, 19th-century Irish anatomist. See: Alcock canal.
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We found that on balance, urban vegetation appears to do significantly more good than harm,' Alcock said.
As soon as Alcock saw Di Canio's act of violent conduct he had to send him off.
Hajj currently serves as the CEO of Homage Arts, while continuing to support The Alcock Group with further acquisition opportunities within media and other industries.
The unnamed boy, from Stock-Stock port, and some pals were playing in a grassy area near their homes in August, 2012, where Alcock and Paul Estridge had driven to pick up the weapons from Manners.
AlcocK admitted breaching the noise abatement notice four times.
Alcock was born in Sunderland in 1842 and in 2010 a plaque was unveiled outside of 10, Norfolk Street where he was born.
Alcock maintains Boro are still a team to fear during the run-in and reckons they will again make the play-offs.
Alcock commenced a long apprenticeship in meteor observing under Manning Prentice, but sadly just missed discovering Nova Herculis 1934 (first seen by Manning Prentice) as it appeared on a night when work the following day dictated he go to bed early, a disappointment he often mentioned in subsequent years.
Brian Alcock from Skelton and Stokesley's Brian Hutchinson had a great battle in B class, with the former winning when Hutchinson fived section eight last lap.
Sir Arthur and Sir John Alcock made history when they piloted their Vickers Vimy from Newfoundland to Ireland, heralding the dawn of transatlantic flight.
Michael Alcock, 27, who assaulted the 71-year-old as she walked through a disused airfield in Wiltshire, will serve an indeterminate sentence.
YEOVIL 2 BRENTFORD 0 CRAIG ALCOCK set Yeovil on their way to victory in easily their best performance of the season.