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Benjamin, 19th-century Irish anatomist. See: Alcock canal.
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Were it not for it landing in a bog it's said it could have taken off again and flown to London, as, due to Alcock's economical flying, it had only used two-thirds of its fuel.
Before the war Manchester-born Alcock had been working for French demonstration pilot Maurice Ducrocq as a mechanic and was recruited as a racing pilot by Wolverhampton-based Sunbeam Motor Car Company which had entered aviation.
Miss Bramley and Mr Alcock met just four years ago at a gig and hit it off instantly -- but it wasn't until a year later that he plucked up the courage to ask her out.
'We found that on balance, urban vegetation appears to do significantly more good than harm,' Alcock said.
As soon as Alcock saw Di Canio's act of violent conduct he had to send him off.
The Alcock Group specialises in acquiring businesses within the lower middle market.
Poole Alcock's IT Partner Scott Harding believes that ultimately the beneficiary of the new systems will be the practice's clients, noting, "Having an on-going commitment to innovation drives efficiency and means we provide an increasingly high level of service and professionalism for our clients.
The arrest of bungling Alcock, 45, of Livingstone Drive, Aigburth, led police to unravel a secret arsenal of weapons belonging to Manchester armourer Stuart Manners, 45.
The Scottish volunteers include Dr Roger Alcock, a consultant in emergency and paediatric medicine at Forth Valley Hospital in Larbert, and Pauline Cafferkey, an associate public health nurse at Blantyre Health Centre in Lanarkshire.