Alcian blue

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Al·ci·an blue

(al'sē-an blū), [C.I. 74240]
A complex phthalocyanin dye used as a stain to distinguish sulfomucins from sialomucins and uronic acid mucins, to demonstrate sulfated polysaccharides, and to detect glycoproteins in electrophoresis; often used in combination with periodic acid-Schiff or aldehyde fuchsin.
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The chondrogenic differentiation potential was examined using a pellet culture, with the pellet size monitored and the degree of alcian blue staining observed.
Tecnica G1 PAS 791,8 [+ or -] 177,7 ([section])# AB pH 2,5 645,2 [+ or -] 114,1 AB pH 1,0 695,5 (607,8; 761,0) Tecnica G2 PAS 1116,0 [+ or -] 175,9([section]) AB pH 2,5 731,2 [+ or -] 223,8 AB pH 1,0 709,2 (604,9; 734,1) Tecnica G3 PAS 1084,2 [+ or -] 85,1# AB pH 2,5 800,5 [+ or -] 138,9 AB pH 1,0 732,2 (660,1; 836,8) PAS: Periodic-Acid-Schiff; A.B: Alcian Blue. Valores expressos como media (+ or -] desvio padrao ou mediana (P25; P75).
The stomach contents were immersed immediately in 10 ml of 0.02% Alcian blue in 0.16 M sucrose/0.05 M sodium acetate, pH 5.8, and incubated for 24 h at 20 [degrees]C.
Next, we performed Alcian blue and Sirius red staining for cartilage proteoglycan collagen, respectively.
Depletion of intestinal goblet cells was observed in 10 cases of PCV2 IHC-stained sections of colon counterstained with Alcian blue and hematoxylin.
The results of alizarin red, oil red O, and alcian blue stainings showed that osteogenic, adipogenic, and chondrogenic differentiations of BMSCs were all enhanced in the DRG+ BMSC group, compared with the BMSC group (Figure 2(c)).
The edematous stem villous stroma stains for Alcian blue, but is negative for smooth muscle actin, which shows positive staining of normal villous stroma.
On special stain (alcian blue) there was some mucin deposition in areas of degenerated collagen.
Silver staining combined with alcian blue and hematoxylin-eosin for the detection of Lawsonia intracellularis in swine proliferative enteropathy.
After routine histological methods, 5 [micro]m sections were obtained and coloured by Gomori's trichrome, periodic acid-Schiff (PAS), Alcian Blue pH 2.5 and pH1.0, acetylation + PAS, acetylation + deacetylation + PAS, acid hydrolysis + PAS, phenylhydrazine + PAS and thiosemicarbazide + PAS.
The sections were first cleared of paraffin using xylene and rehydrated in gradients of alcohol and then stained with Alcian blue (Sigma) in 3% acetic acid; the sections were then stained with Alcian blue and then dehydrated with 95% ethyl alcohol, 100% ethyl alcohol, and xylene.