Alcian Blue Stain

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A proprietary water-soluble phthalocyanin dye CI 74240 used in histology, which can be modified at different pHs to identify specific mucopolysaccharide families
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Slides were stained with hematoxylin and eosin and alcian blue stain. Osteocytes were counted in a defined unit area under high power in the two groups and the average of the two groups was compared.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Alcian blue stain showing increased dermal mucin deposition (Alcian blue; original magnification x10).
Rehydrated tissue sections were immersed in Alcian blue stain solution (Alcian blue 8GX, 1 gm / 100 mL 3% acetic acid pH 2.5, Sigma-Aldrich, St.
It stains with alcian blue stain at pH 2.5 and is susceptible to hyaluronidase digestion.
Histopathological examination using the Alcian blue stain revealed mucin deposition in the reticular dermis with connective tissue separation [Figure 1]d.
(b) Intracellular and extracellular mucin deposition (focal distribution) is present (Alcian blue stain, original magnification x400).
After staining, extracellular matrix was taken to dark blue stain where the so-called Alcian blue stain had metachromatic appearance to extracellular matrix (Figure 5(a)).
(a) A palisading granuloma with central collagen degeneration (H&E stain, magnification x100); (b) Alcian blue stain showing increased mucin deposition within the granuloma (Alcian blue stain, magnification x100); (c) several annular red-brown plaques involving the thigh.
Other stains can be applied according to the need of diagnosis, for example, Gram's stain, Ziehl-Neelsen stain, Periodic acid-Schiff stain, Alcian blue stain, and Papanicolaou stain.
Histological cutaneous examination revealed epidermal atrophy, and superficial and deep perivascular and perifollicular dermatitis with focally increased dermal mucin highlighted by Alcian blue stain, suggesting lupus erythematosus (LE).