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A nonmaterial dimension which, in the construct of Australian aborigines, is said to coexist with the material—physical—universe
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Since tjurunga were the touchstones of the Alcheringa over which the Good Word had to triumph, he confiscated them, sold them to the Frankfurt museum, and put the proceeds to better use for altar cloths and vestments for the chapel.
The technical reasons for his disappointment with the possibilities of ethnopoetics are detailed in his essay "The Heraldic Vision: Some Cognitive Models for Comparative Aesthetics," which originally appeared in Rothenberg and Tedlock's journal of ethnopoetics, Alcheringa. His point in this essay is that ethnopoetics suffers the same exclusionary, voyeuristic properties of classification that anthropology tends to impose on a people or culture it studies.
The expression "Dreamtime" is perhaps a translation of the word altyerrenge (usually anglicized as Alcheringa or Alchuringa) in the language of the Aranda, a people of the Alice Springs region, Northern Territory, whose culture was described in classic studies by the anthropologists W.B.
Some of the material included in his reader Bright solicited in 1980 with a call in Alcheringa for a variety of Coyote material: translated traditional coyote stories, numerous commentaries including one on the biological aspects of coyotes, and original creative literature inspired by Coyote.
Alcheringa has developed a group of passionate collectors, committed not just to enjoying their acquisitions but also to furthering the future of the artists.
The discovery has been detailed in the journal Alcheringa. (ANI)
The case studies examined by Healy consist of the 1962 television series Alcheringa, some examples of Aboriginal art and its influence on White artists (or rather, those who write about that influence), the treatment of Aborigines in the heritage industry, Aboriginal artefacts in museum collections (notably breastplates) and Aboriginal tourism in the form of the Lurijarri Trail near Broome in Western Australia.
"talking to discover." Alcheringa 2.2 (Summer 1976): 112-19.
Either where [the Alcheringa ancestors] originated and stayed...or else where, during their wanderings, they camped for a time, there were formed what the natives call Oknanikilla, each one of which is in reality a local totem centre.
In the late 1980s, Alcheringa Gallery began a program to supply high quality carving tools to the carvers of the Sepik River on each of its field trips.
Atywerrenge (Spencer and Gillen's 'Alcheringa') is the Arrernte term for the Dreaming.