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A nonmaterial dimension which, in the construct of Australian aborigines, is said to coexist with the material—physical—universe
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Since tjurunga were the touchstones of the Alcheringa over which the Good Word had to triumph, he confiscated them, sold them to the Frankfurt museum, and put the proceeds to better use for altar cloths and vestments for the chapel.
One of the very first ethnopoetic productions was a work of Tarn's that appeared in the inaugural issue of Alcheringa, a piece called "Fragments from the Prayers Made on Behalf of N.
Proterozoic and early Cambrian trace fossils from the Amadeus and Georgina Basins, Central Australia Alcheringa, 13, pp.
In the late 1980s, Alcheringa Gallery began a program to supply high quality carving tools to the carvers of the Sepik River on each of its field trips.
Tindale here repeats an association commented upon earlier by Spencer & Gillen (1904) when they state that 'churinga (sic) is the dwelling place of the spirit of the Alcheringa ancestors' (ibid.
It included an exhibition at Alcheringa Gallery and a dynamic performance at the Wawadit'la First Nations Bighouse in Victoria.
Pacific Currents, a joint exhibition with Ake Lianga and John Marston, opens November 10 at Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria, British Columbia (www.
Then my art gallery, Alcheringa, became involved in a PNG project which partnered with the organization.
John Marston is preparing for the exhibition Pacific Currents with Solomon Islands artist Ake Lianga, opening November 10 at Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria, British Columbia (alcheringagallery.
In November 2009, PPP was also pleased to assist Victoria's Alcheringa Gallery with the major international exhibition and cultural exchange "Hailans to Ailans".
The opening celebration at Alcheringa Gallery will also see the blessing of a completed seventeen-foot ceremonial war canoe.