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Albright's; a genetic disease of variable presentation, characterized by fractures and deformity of the legs, arms and skull, pigmented skin patches, early puberty and increased rate of growth
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Albright, through the courtesy of the publishers, the Columbia University Press.
Whether from their palatial estate on Oyster Bay, Long Island, where Joe's family published Newsday, or their three-story red brick home in Georgetown, the Albrights were bright young lights on the 1960s and '70s social circuit of well-heeled Democrats.
SEASONS OF HER LIFE: A Biography of Madeleine Korbel Albright by Ann Blackman Scribner, $27
Albright is that she was Zbigniew Brzezinski's favorite grad student.
Though she now embodies the lead role in a popular immigrant success story--the war-torn refugee "who works harder than the rest of us," as Blackman writes--it would be a major insult to the huddled masses of history ever to cast Madeleine Albright as disadvantaged.
In 1965, the Albrights and their four children left Chicago and settled into a new home in Woodstock, Vt.
The son of an artist and the twin of another, Ivan Albright was one of Chicago's greatest and most original painters.
Albright and his identical twin brother, Malvin, were born in North Harvey, Ill.
Ivan Albright served in World War I as a medical draftsman documenting war wounds and operations for the army at a hospital in France.
In the nearly four years that she has represented the United States at the United Nations, the world has seen two Madeleine Albrights.
Albright arrived here in early 1993 full of passion about the injustices in Bosnia and full of enthusiasm for an active American role in international responses to small but devastating and sometimes genocidal wars.
Then, after a conservative Republican leadership took over in Congress in 1994, Albright seemed to pull back while the United Nations became the scapegoat for isolationist discontent in America.