Albright's; a genetic disease of variable presentation, characterized by fractures and deformity of the legs, arms and skull, pigmented skin patches, early puberty and increased rate of growth
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Meeting the requirements of the surveillance audit reflects Albright's continued focus of maintaining a world-class quality system and producing superior products.
Adam,' Albright's voice turned as slick as his hair.
Richard Albright's Writing the Past, Writing the Future explores the relationship between narrative and time in several Gothic and sensational novels published between 1794 and 1862.
The anecdote, which has become so much a part of Albright's mythology that nearly everyone recounts it to me, signifies the enormous progress women have made in the past 15 years since Albright became the first female secretary of state and the highest-ranking woman in government in U.
At the same time he displayed a poster linking Albright's decision to back Kosovo in the war against Serbia to some of her personal business interests.
Albright's responsibilities also include employees' training on compliance-related issues.
This book's major contribution is Madeline Albright's recognition that religion is a powerful force that our leaders have failed to recognize as a factor in creating national and individual identity and in shaping the foreign and domestic policies of most countries.
Albright's funeral service was held July 27 at the Fort Myer Chapel.
The lesson in Albright's book may be the oldest and most often forgotten lesson of true religion--that we are not God, and that humility is a critical religious virtue.
Galaxy coach Steve Sampson, preparing for Albright's departure for the World Cup following Wednesday's game at FC Dallas, tried rookie Kyle Veris at right back, and he couldn't handle Cancela, the Revolution's primary provider.
Albright's second book in a two-book deal with HarperCollins will be an illustrated work on her collection of decorative pins of historical and personal significance, Reuters reported.