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(Weiss) (ahl-bē'nūs, wīs),
Bernhard S., German anatomist and surgeon, 1697-1770. See: Albinus muscle.
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The material for this study comprised of 24 albino rats (Rattus norvegicus albinus) weighing between 100 and 120 gm, of same strain from the Government Veterinary College, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Still maintaining the earlier--since revised--attribution of the work to Albinus, Hampus Lyttkens has written: "Undoubtedly, [Alcinous's] three ways of learning to know God are the beginnings of the doctrine of the 'three ways'--via negationis, via causalitatis, and via eminentiae--later propounded by Dionysius Areopagita and the medieval theologians.
The population studied was 25 males Wistar rats (Rattos norvegicos Albinus), albino variation and randomly selected.
Albinus -- the care facility where she lives -- after her friend suspiciously dies.
albinus), 70 days of age (200-300 g), were assigned to the following groups: Diabetic Group (DG; n = 6) and Control Group (CG; n = 6).
"This has been a pivotal time for the biopharmaceutical industry and greater health care industry in the United States," said Stig Albinus, global leader of APCO's health care practice.
"This is the biggest disruption in healthcare we've ever seen, and every company in the industry is looking to reinvent itself," says Stig Albinus, chair of global healthcare at branding consultancy APCO Worldwide.