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(Weiss) (ahl-bē'nūs, wīs),
Bernhard S., German anatomist and surgeon, 1697-1770. See: Albinus muscle.
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The article is an interview with actors Jens Albinus and Louise Hassing.
Compare the books of Vesalius and Albinus with those of Bougery and Gray in the 19th century and this becomes obvious.
Albinus will not attempt to snatch the tantalising bonus on offer at Cheltenham next week, even if he comes up trumps this afternoon.
Prior to that Ashkazar was only ten lengths behind Franchoek and after sifting through all the form there is nothing who can live with Ashkazar accept Albinus and I would advise the bookmakers to run for cover.
Lightly raced, Albinus showed ability in four starts over timber last season, notably when beaten under four lengths by Air Force One at level weights at Leicester in December, 2006.
The Imperial Cup is a big step up for Albinus, but he looks on an attractive handicap mark and the vibes from Kingsclere are most encouraging.
Starring: Jens Albinus, Peter Gantzler, Iben Hjejle, Thor Fridriksson.
Geoffrey of Auxerre calls him nimis elinguis in his letter to Albinus III.
The Andrew Balding-trained Albinus was never in touch and finished towards the rear.
For example, in order to keep his model skeletons from drying out, anatomist Albinus "poured water into the joints through small incisions in the capsule and sprinkled the whole skeleton with vinegar.
Postumius Albinus sein (nicht auf uns gekommenes) Geschichtswerk eingeleitet habe: 'nam sum', inquit, 'homo Romanus natus in Latio, Graeca oratio a nobis alienissima est', ideoque veniam gratiamque malae existimationis, si quid esset erratum, postulavit.