Albert disease

Formally called Haglund deformity. An exostosis over the posterolateral aspect of the calcaneus caused by recurrent friction, ± bursitis
Cause Multifactorial—e.g., abnormal mechanics leading to excess motion of calcaneus, congenital deformity of calcaneus, irritation from women’s shoes known as ‘pumps’
Management Open-heeled/flat shoes, moleskin padding of calcaneus, cryomassage, orthotics to control excess motion; surgical excision
Exam Positive 2-finger squeeze test
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Al·bert dis·ease

(ahl'bert di-zēz')
Bursitis of the calcaneal tendon, sometimes seen in association with calcification. May result from either trauma or poorly fitted shoes.
Synonym(s): Schantz disease.
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Albert disease

[Eduard Albert, Austrian surgeon, 1841–1900]
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Eduard, Austrian surgeon, 1841-1900.
Albert disease - inflammation of the bursa between the Achilles tendon and the os calcis. Synonym(s): Swediaur disease
Albert suture - a modified Czerny suture, the first row of stitches passing through the entire thickness of the wall of the gut.
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